MITM products now available at SuCasa Stores

This year, I have had the opportunity to partner up with a local furniture store, SuCasa. They have multiple locations around Baltimore and after the owner, Nick Johnson, came to visit my shop, we decided to work together on putting some of my inventory into his stores. I love Nick’s store and have been in […]

Custom Furniture …From Start to Finish

Custom Furniture … and the process I went to college in the beautiful town of Gettysburg. Gettysburg College a liberal arts college in the heart of civil war history. I still have ties to the school and keep in touch with some of the administration. When they heard that I started a furniture company, they gave me […]

Bet you didn’t know I was a professional Boxer…

Custom File Folder Box But you didn’t know I was a professional boxer, did you? This was made for a client that needs a very specific sized file folder box to fit in a new office. This was a fantastic exercise for my CAD skills. Drew it up, cut it out, and folded perfectly into […]

Adding new tools!

I purchased and hand held plasma cutter back in 2010 to help with cutting large pieces of metal with intricate shapes. While this method served me well over the years, producing quantities of the same item was time consuming or difficult to get exact replicas each and every time due to my hand being the […]

Pizza time

Other than making furniture, one of the other things I love to do is making pizza on the grill. It’s one our favorite things to do with friends and family. Everyone loves to get into the process and make their own custom creations and then sample all the different combinations. A lot of fun and […]

MITM gets a website! is born… In a time long, long ago…I dabbled in website construction in college. I worked for the college part-time helping them build and troubleshoot pages for the school’s new website. I thought to myself that I’ve done it before and while I may have forgotten a few things and technology has improved, it’s […]

And so it begins…

It all started very early in my life, from the time I took apart the very first bicycle my parents spent the entire day putting together.  It continued through disassembling the family television, VCR, hairdryer and trying to get it back together and working before they came home from work. I was fascinated with how […]

“So, you guys watch a lot of HGTV, huh…”

Our first year was spent with a lot of cardboard box coffee tables   In 2006, my wife and I purchased our first house together. We moved in with only a few pieces of furniture, since my home was acquired by someone that liked my choice in decor so much that he bought the house […]

From 5K’s to my first Marathon

On a personal note, I love event based physical challenges. Since my first 5k in 2006, my dabbling in sprint triathlons, 10 milers, half-marathons, Tough Mudder, and Ragnar Relay experiences, I love things that give me a challenge. Building is just one outlet for me, and the excitement and rush that I get from these […]

Family Day at the warehouse

I’m a father of two beautiful girls and will do everything in my power to make sure I pass down at least some of my know-how to them. I want them to be empowered, confident, and capable people that find their passion in life, but can swing a hammer and weld a fillet with the […]