No. 9Canton Chair


Canton Chair

This chair pays homage to the industrial history of Baltimore’s Canton area. Captain John O’Donnell settled in this area of the city and originally named his planation, Canton, which was the English translation of the Chinese city where he traded with. In the 1850’s, this part of town became home to the copper workers. The reclaimed wood from homes of Baltimore that was used to create the seating surfaces was given a copper hue to reflect that history. Clean lines and a simple steel structure are the basis of this modern industrial pub-height chair.  The steel is treated with a translucent black patina and clear coated to preserve its appearance. The chair can also be finished in powder coat or embellished with other unique patinas. Adjustable feet make sure this chair stands solid whether it is in your brand new home or historic rehab.

Dimensions: 17″ W x 20″ D x 40″ H1/ 26″ H2


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