No. 1Little Round Top Table

little round top1

Little Round Top is about two miles south of town on the Gettysburg battlefield. It was one of the key positions in the Union line during the Battle of Gettysburg  and was the scene of intense fighting on July 2nd 1863. Like the unique fighting movements that the Union armies used to defeat the Confederates, this table has a surprise of its own.

This client in Gettysburg, PA requested a 72″ Round Table that would fit through a 40″ doorway, so that it could be used in multiple rooms inside a larger building. The top is constructed on 1″ thick solid hard maple wrapped in 3″ wide hand-bent steel and adorned with rivets. The base is made from heavy gauge steel tubing and supported by precision cut steel plates to give it a vintage look. The base rolls on double locking casters and the top is secured by multiple locks to ensure stability and alignment once deployed in a room. Despite the heft of the table, it is balanced well enough that it can be opened with one hand. This purely custom designed and custom built table is just as beautiful on top as it is beneath.

Dimensions: 72″W x 30″H (Closed) , 40″W x 50″H (Open)

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