No. 7Steuart Bench


Steuart Bench

Lieutenant Colonel William Steuart served during the War of 1812 by commanding a force of around 600 men that occupied the exposed and shelter-less position beyond the outer ring of Fort McHenry.  This bench serves to highlight his later work as a building contractor that helped prepare the stonework for the Washington Monument (Baltimore), as well as, several other large buildings around the city.

The Steuart Bench has very modern lines, but is given warmth and character from the raw steel and reclaimed pine. While the salvaged wood has been allowed to retain its flaws, the surface has been hand planed to make it comfortable for seating. The steel has been treated with wax to protect its finish and preserve its natural state. Seen here in its most rustic finish, an optional oxide or powder coat finish coupled with fully finished hardwoods can make this fit in even the most modern homes and businesses.

Dimensions: 50″L x 20″W x 24″H

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